Today was my first day of my last year in school! To be honest, it was difficult for me to get excited about starting the PDP (teacher program) since I am a bit burnt out from just finishing my degree.  I feel like I should be able to celebrate finishing such an important milestone but all I could think about being done and having a break.  However, after attending the first day of this new program, I am now excited to start this new time in my life.  I finally get to learn how to be a teacher. 

I am attending a new school for this teacher program and it was a little confusing navigating around campus today but i'm sure i'll be zipping around in no time.  Our morning consisted of faculty introductions and lectures.  At the end, a former student came out in front of the class with his ukelele and started singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.  Yup, definitely no longer doing my undergrad in geography anymore!  As my module professor stated, "If you haven't noticed, this program is very kumbaiyah" which is totally more my speed! Can't wait to see whats in store :)
Yay!! I'm so excited to start planting seeds indoors/outdoors in February!! Last year we had such great success and I look forward to applying what I learned from last year to gain more crop success this year. 

I am going to blog as I garden to help document the year and also hope to help and inspire some of you to start gardening as well!  I am a beginner gardener so hopefully by sharing what I am learning this will help some of you in your gardens as well!  Also, I would love some tips from you as well!! Please let them in the comments :)

If you are from the Pacific North West, there is this amazing seed store in Ladner called West Coast Seeds.  We went there last year and purchased all of our seeds from there.  The variety of seeds that they offer is amazing and their website has so much great information. Stewart and I will be making a trip back there soon after seeing some great new varieties they have for sale this year.  One new crop they sell this year is Edamame! How exciting! 

What are you excited to plant this year?
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Vancouverites are very spoiled. Within 30 minutes from my home, you can go to the beach and/or head up one of the three local mountains for some snowy fun. With that being said, every year say that I want to go snowshoeing but it never ends up happening. So hopefully this year I will make it happen!  First step - find someone to go with me!
Every year everyone asks "What are your resolutions for this year?" and every year I answer with the same - work out, eat better.. yadda yadda... 

So this year I'm taking a new approach. I am going to set one yearly goal along with monthly goals. This way I don't lose sight of my goals and hopefully make them more achievable.

Goal for the year: The 52 Week Money 
Every week I am going to put in a jar the number of dollars that equals to the the week in the year it is. Except I am going to mix it around and follow this plan to make the end of the year a bit more manageable [link]
Week 1 = $1
Week 2 = $2
and by the end of the year I should have $1,400!

Goal for January 2014:
Go snowshoeing. 
Every year I want to do this but I just never get around to doing it!
Anyone want to join me?

My challenge to you is to set a monthly goal as well!