Summer has been pretty busy for me so with this month off before school begins again, I really wanted to not waste anytime and enjoy it as much I could.  Stewart and I planned a trip up to Birkenhead Lake a month ago and had invited my sister and her boyfriend to come with us.  We just got back from Birkenhead and it was so beautiful up there!

Birkenhead Lake is located about 90km north of Whistler near the town of D'arcy, BC.  Before you reach D'arcy you will see a sign for Birkenhead and then you still have to drive 17km down a gravel road before reaching the campsite.  We did not have anyone in the campsite across from us and we couldn't see the campsites beside us so it was nice.  Going during the week helped as well as maybe only half the campsites were occupied.  Unfortunatley, there are only pit toilets there and no showers!  Stewart and I bought 'Campsuds' at Mec (biodegradable all purpose soap) that we used to bathe in the lake as well as wash our dishes.  Worked out well.

The lake is amazing.  A little cold being glacier water but thats ok.  We spent some time laying on the beach and suntanning and we also rented a canoe one afternoon.  We took it out into the lake and tried our luck at fishing as well!  Unfortunatley, I have still yet to catch my first fish.  I did buy an annual fishing licence so hopefully I'll be able to accomplish that goal soon!

The only downfall is that there are sooooo many bugs there.  I literally got eaten alive.  Bug repellant is a must.

Overall though, we had a great time and we can't wait till we can camp again next year!!

What are your favourite BC camping spots?!

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