Every year everyone asks "What are your resolutions for this year?" and every year I answer with the same - work out, eat better.. yadda yadda... 

So this year I'm taking a new approach. I am going to set one yearly goal along with monthly goals. This way I don't lose sight of my goals and hopefully make them more achievable.

Goal for the year: The 52 Week Money 
Every week I am going to put in a jar the number of dollars that equals to the the week in the year it is. Except I am going to mix it around and follow this plan to make the end of the year a bit more manageable [link]
Week 1 = $1
Week 2 = $2
and by the end of the year I should have $1,400!

Goal for January 2014:
Go snowshoeing. 
Every year I want to do this but I just never get around to doing it!
Anyone want to join me?

My challenge to you is to set a monthly goal as well!

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